TKD United
TKD United

Our Mission

About TKD United



We strive to be a one- stop multifaceted resource, wellness, training facility that meets the numerous needs of the culturally diverse people within our community. 

At TKD United we have merged everything together as one team where everyone is involved with the athlete's success.   

Making it  easier for Taekwondo athletes to get funded, sponsored and obtain greater opportunities within all aspects of the sport. 

Our Athletic Goals


  • Our organization's goal is to, promote, support, organize and develop athletes, living on the South Shore, in the art  of Taekwondo. We aim to train, educate and prepare athletes for competition at the local, state, and national levels. TKD United also hopes to provide financial assistance for athletes to pay for training, travel, and competition costs. 

  • We hope to offer Taekwondo, MMA, karate, and fitness training along with yoga classes, group meditations, nutrition education, support groups and other forms of wellness support. We also aspire to offer students from other dojos   that meet the requirements access to scholarships to help continue their training.

  • We want to support them in achieving  their goals and  dreams by providing scholarships, and sponsorship opportunities.  Many youths would benefit from practicing Taekwondo however with the growing financial cost for, Dojo tuition, equipment, competitive events and accumulating expenses they are not able to participate. 


Our Community Goals


We plan to use Taekwondo, education and other forms of life skills training, we strive to support the full potential of our community to successfully embrace life’s challenges.

To provide a supportive place where athletes can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships, develop confidence and skills for life. We are committed to empowering, guiding as well as providing better educational support, athletic opportunities and structure for the future of our community.

At TKD United we are working on creating a more efficient alternative community by providing financial and emotional support;

  • A Neighborhood resource center for all
  • Assistance for families involved in Taekwondo
  • Wellness and Martial Arts Training Facility  
  • U.S. Military Veteran PTSD and Suicide Prevention by offering support continuity. Using martial arts and  other forms of tactical education. 
  • Assist people in recovery to maintain Sobriety by providing an additional structured environment.
  • Family and Individual Support Groups to deal with Loss of a loved one
  • Domestic Violence Support
  • Provide resources for our diverse community