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Community Outreach

Veterans United



Our support programs are designed to work with Veterans. Our goals are to provide a supportive environment and a support system. Helping with coping skills due to trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder and adjustment difficulties. Learning skills from outreach with other veteran organizations. We hope to have a 24/7 outreach crisis team available.

Shining Through The Storm


Our empowerment programs will work with parents and children exposed to domestic violence. Teaching self defense classes, working out anger and frustration through Taekwondo. Provide support groups  for children and parents together as well as separately. Work on ways to build up self-esteem and work on some trust exercises, as well as helping with safety planning.  

We also plan to work with families and children who are dealing with the loss of a parent. This could be from deployment, incarceration, death from overdose, while serving or from violence. Exploring healthy outlets by channeling focus and energy  through Martial arts. 

Regaining Life Control


Our dependency programs hope to assist individuals in maintaining sobriety in the efforts to  help end the drug epidemic through the support, teaching and understanding of Taekwondo as well as  other forms of mindfulness training such as yoga and meditation. 

To teach the importance of nutrition and it's crucial role in  obtaining  as well as maintaining  sobriety. 

T.A.D.D. Together All Diversity Driven



We are working on establishing a new Program T.A.D.D.

Our community has a rapidly growing diverse population. Our unique, multicultural multilingual team enables us to support this population. Being new to any neighborhood can be overwhelming especially if you do not speak the language. 

Our T.A.D.D. program is geared to provide support to everyone in the community. It is a program that evolves and adjusts based on the request and needs of the people. 

 "Thank you for all your helping out. When you're needed, you go the extra mile always. Being thoughtful and supportive shows how much you care." Lucille P. 

"Merci infiniment, vous êtes vraiment un exemple de solidarité et d'affection, j'apprécie tout ce que vous faites avec nous. Merci beaucoup" Mohamed El ouafi 


"Thank you very much, you are truly an example of solidarity and affection, I appreciate everything you do for us.  thank you so much"


Martial Arts


Our Martial Arts program will be diverse.

Our goal is to teach  and provide a better understanding of Taekwondo. 

Different forms of Martial arts, yoga and meditation.

Educate athletes about the importance of a well balanced nutrition and health in relations to  training for sports and competitions. A way of  maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Sponsorship Opportunities


To be able to provide the community with access to Taekwondo Scholarships  or Grants we are currently looking for various methods of funding such as:

  • Continuous Donations
  • Sponsorship

We would like you to stand with us to assist in our program's efforts to make a difference within the community along with a difference in the lives of children and veterans who gave time in their lives to protect ours.

Upcoming Events


We will do our best to keep an updated list of upcoming events.

We are currently updating our list 

we will be posting it soon.

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will go towards obtaining a facility to provide the community with these services.   


  • You may chose to donate our programs as a  whole 
  • You may specify which program you would like your donation to go towards. 

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